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Too Black Guys is a brand that was founded in Toronto, in 1990. The name was derived from Malcolm X’s “Message to the Grass Roots” speech. Inspired by the “do for self” sentiment of early 90’s hip hop, Too Black Guys aimed to represent the black experience in an unapologetic way. “We were looking for T’s that said more than ‘Black Bart’ or ‘It’s a Black Thing-You Wouldn’t Understand' and when we couldn’t find any, we decided to make our own”, said founder, Adrian. “So we made a few T’s to see if there was a market for a brand that made you feel like you were wearing a Public Enemy verse or a Spike Lee movie on a shirt”.

“We also wanted to set an example for other youth who wanted to start their own business. When we started everyone told us that we would need to get a loan or financing”, recalls Adrian. “We didn’t believe that any bank would ever back our idea so we figured out another way.” A small quantity of black tees was produced with personal finances and was an immediate success. The initial profits were turned into more inventory and the brand opened a small store in Toronto before eventually opening a store in NYC’s lower east side.

Over 25 years later, Too Black Guys still has the same feel as it did when it started. The fit and fabric have evolved but the brand continues to make product with a "Fight the Power" attitude.